About Us

Rooted in Nature


Rooted in Nature launched in 2018 when I decided to take more of an interest in pampering myself. In the chaos of life, like so many others I had lost the time and concept of treating myself. Self care became more of a priority. A moment of time for an idea to form, a determined spirit, and a bit of creativity was all it took. And so Rooted in Nature was born.

Love Thy Self


In addition to my ever growing interest in self-care and pampering myself, I also developed an allergy to coconut oil. If you've ever looked at the ingredients of hair products, you know as well as I do, coconut oil is an ingredient used in virtually all hair products. 

I took a moment and listened to my body and found a new way to love myself. I would not overlook this tidbit of loving thy self. 

Our Products


 Being Natural is a gift. Being comfortable being natural is a blessing. All products created are made from natural growing plants. Using these natural products is not only beneficial for our physical appearance but they also have medicinal properties that can improve the quality of life we live each day.  

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