Oil Benefits

Carrier Oils


Coconut Oil

Promotes Hair Growth. Helps Treat Dandruff. Eliminates Frizz. Improves Scalp Conditions. Natural SPF. Kills Bacteria. Suitable for All Skin Types. Thicker Consistency. Strong Scent. 

Almond Oil

Reduces Hair Breakage. Helps Treat Split Ends. Strengthens Hair. Adds Shine. Natural SPF. Lightweight Consistency. Absorbs Easily. Improves Skin Tone and Complexion. Suitable for All Skin Types. 

Castor Oil

Promotes Hair Growth. Helps Prevent Breakage. Prevents Help Loss. Improves Scalp Circulation. Kills Bacteria. Moisturizes Skin. Reduces Acne. Fades Blemishes and Dark Spots. Promotes Elasticity. Thick Consistency. 

Argan Oil 

Nourishes and Conditions. Softens and Detangles Hair. Strengthens Hair. Adds Shine. Suitable for All Skin Types. Light Scent.

Jojoba Oil

Moisturizes and Strengthens Hair. Eliminates Frizz. Prevents Hair Loss. Treats Dry, Itchy Scalp. Closest to Natural Skin Oil. Suitable for All Skin Types. Protects Skin. 

Olive Oil

Deeply Conditions. Helps Treat Split Ends. Reduces Frizz. Adds Shine and Softness. Natural SPF. Suitable for All Skin Types. Thick Consistency. Strong Scent. Great Sealant. 

Vitamin E Oil

Stimulates Cell Growth. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Improves Dry Skin. Treats Dark Spots. Natural SPF. Light Scent. 

Aloe Vera Oil

Promotes skin health. Treats dandruff and dry skin. Promotes hair growth and strong locks. 

Essential Oils


Lavender Oil

Prevents Hair Loss. Heals Scalp. Helps Treat Dandruff. Helps Prevent Breakage. Stimulates Cell Growth. Improves Blood Circulation.

Rosemary Oil

Promotes Hair Growth. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Helps Treat Dandruff. Helps Tone Skin. Helps with Inflammation.  


Protects Scalp. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Fights Acne. Helps Dry Skin. Heals Scars. Natural SPF. 


Prevents Hair Loss. Helps with Inflammation. Kills Bacteria. Helps to Tighten Skin. Removes Excess Oil. 


Nourishes the Scalp. Eliminates Bacteria. Protects Scalp. Cleans Build Up and Dirt. Improves Complexion. 


Promotes Elasticity. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Good for Acne Prone Skin. 


Helps with Inflammation. Kills Bacteria. Helps Eliminate Skin Irritations. 

Tea Tree

Heals Scars. Limits Acne Breakouts. Regulates Oil Production. Eliminates Dirt and Build Up. Treats Dandruff. Kills Bacteria. 


Promotes Hair Growth. Stimulates Scalp. Relieves Itchy Scalp. Improves Skin Health. Natural SPF. 

Base Products


Witch Hazel

Fights Acne. Prevents Bacteria Growth. Nourishes Dry Skin. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Natural SPF. Natural Astringent. 

Cucumber Water 

Ideal for Dry, Normal or Oily Skin. Good for Sensitive Skin. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Natural Toner. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ideal for Normal or Oily Skin. Balances pH. Natural Toner.

Lemon Juice 

Brightens Dark Spots. Removes Excess Oil. Natural Toner.

Shea Butter

Prevents Dry Skin. Softens Skin. Reduces Inflammation. Moisturizes Skin. Natural SPF.

Horsetail Butter 

Helps with Hair Loss. Encourages Circulation. Promotes Hair Growth. Prevents Dandruff. Kills Acne. Alleviates Inflammation. 


Temporarily Relives Itch. Adds and Seals in Moisture. Prevents Bacteria and Infection. Protects Against Dry Skin. 

Black Soap 

Cleanses the Scalp. Increases Hair Growth. Softens Hair. Defines Curl Pattern. Helps Treat Acne. Evens Skin Tone and Texture. 

Castile Soap

Smooths and soothes dry skin. Helps balance skins pH.  

Vegetable Glycerin

Seals in Moisture. Easily Absorbed. Thick Consistency. No Odor.

Aloe Vera Juice/Gel

Helps eliminate dry skin. Helps with inflammation. Suitable for all skin types. Great for cell regrowth. Promotes Hair Growth.  Prevents Itching on Scalp. Helps Treat Damage. 

Coconut Water

Adds moisture. Prevents breakage. Helps Eliminate Frizz. Treats Dandruff and Dry Scalp.  Helps fight acne. Natural SPF.  Natural Toner.  

Black Pepper

Strengthens hair. Stimulates circulation and blood flow. Exfoliates dead skin cells. 


Reduces Muscle Pain and Soreness. Helps with Inflammation.